I highly recommend the Childhood Development course

Shannon_Kingston - Childhood Development

Shannon Kingston is studying BSc (Hons) Childhood Development degree.

"I would highly recommend the Child Development course as it gives you a broad knowledge of children's behaviour and education.

It is structured around three key areas - psychology, education and behaviour analysis. These elements provide you with a great variety of career paths at the end of the degree. 

Prior to University, I spent many years working with children, and as the Childhood Development course has progressed, I have realised that my passion is for educating and helping children grow and develop. 

In the first year, I had the opportunity to undertake a placement for the Behaviour Analysis module. I decided to attend a Special Needs school, and this opportunity allowed me to use my studies in a practical way and network with professionals and establish the career goals that I want to pursue after my degree. 

During the placement, I got to shadow the class team members including the speech and language therapist, and work with children in groups and on a one-to-one basis.

I did a week’s placement so I was able to observe all the different types of learning, and help supervise various sessions such as PE, cookery and arts and crafts. 

The placement concreted a lot of theory we had been taught in class and exposed me to the reality of that particular profession. It introduced me to the different professionals that all work together to help each child develop. In addition it inspired me to start a sing-along course which is now used in that school to aid the children's communication. All in all, it was an experience which I gained a lot from." 

About me

I grew up in Ireland, so making the decision to move away from home was a big one for me, however I can definitely say it was the right choice. 

I settled quickly and comfortably into University life here and the campus became a second home. 

The campus, situated in Pontypridd, is very accessible and provides all the essentials, with Cardiff city centre just a short train or car journey away. 

You could never be stuck for something to do as the University provides many clubs, sports and social events to keep us all entertained. I am thoroughly enjoying my time here and I am sure that any students looking to get onto this course will do too."