Karlie's work placement gave her invaluable training and experience

Karlie Corbin, childhood development

Karlie Corbin, 32, from Cwmbran, is in the first year of the BSc (Hons) Childhood Development degree.

"What attracted me to the Child Development degree was its variety. I felt it would give me access to a number of career opportunities with children, including teaching, social work and even behaviour analysis. 

Although I am only just entering my second year, I have already gained valuable knowledge and experience that will benefit me in the future.  

I’m really glad that I had a compulsory placement module in the first year because it meant that I was pushed out of my comfort zone and now have a brilliant addition to my CV.

For my placement, I went to Torfaen Play Service and spent a total of 25 hours spread over a few weeks.

I chose this area as I had worked in schools before starting my degree and wanted to work with children in a different setting. 

The majority of my time on placement was spent in after-school play clubs where I would supervise the children, and support them in making independent play choices. Once a week I also attended a school at lunchtime to encourage children to take part in a group game.

I really enjoyed working with children in a less structured setting and observing how differently they acted outside the formality of the classroom. In fact, I enjoyed my placement so much that I have continued working with Torfaen Play on a voluntary basis.

As a volunteer, I will benefit from their in-house training which includes safeguarding and data protection, and training in these two fields will be invaluable to my career."