To be able to push myself to achieve my goals and overcome any obstacles that I was faced with along the way makes me very proud.

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Graduate, Isabel, lived in Pembrokeshire with her family and made the decision to go to University at the age of 20. We asked her some questions about her time studying Childhood Development at USW:

What attracted you to the childhood development course?

When researching the different courses at a variety of different universities, this course really did stand out to me. I was initially drawn to this course due to the specification and modules being exactly what I had been looking for… and the fact this course had no exams (apart from 3 in-class tests during year 1) was an added bonus as I can get quiet nervous during the build up to exams.

What made you want to study this particular subject area?

I have always been very passionate about helping others - especially children - and I am a firm believer in if you want to better yourself and produce a positive outcome in something that you want to do, then you need to work hard for it. So ultimately this was my motivation to chose this particular course. I have always aspired to working with children and I felt that my commitment to learning and understanding the different aspects within the childcare faculty and my experiences throughout my education prior to university made me want to peruse this subject area.

How has studying this degree helped you in terms of developing new and existing skills?

A range of my skills have definitely developed during this course – both academically and in relation to working with children. I was able feel confident in my ability and skills during work experience placements from the information that I had learned during lectures. I was then able to continuously reinforce this knowledge and ultimately enhance my skills. I also highly recommend to always read feedback after every assignment/assessment… this definitely helped me! Over the journey, you learn more about what’s expected, the structure and what should be included. I failed an essay in year 2 and ever since that day I was determined to never let it happen again so I made it a priority to read the feedback… I then came out with a 1st – so I think taking an extra 10 minutes to read and understand the feedback given is definitely worth it!

What was your favourite part of your degree so far?

My favourite part of university has got to be meeting forever friends within my course. You’re all there for the same reason and are experiencing this journey together.

As a graduate of the Childhood development degree, how will you use this course helped you in terms of a career?

I feel that this course provides you with many options. I decided to go down the education route when choosing my modules. I am currently working within a school and I plan to do my PGCE this coming September. This degree has already provided me with a range of skills that I have been able to put into practice within my workplace.

What advice would you give to potential students if they’re thinking of applying?

My advice is to do what’s right for you. Make yourself fully aware of what you will be learning and if it will lead you onto the next stage of your life. I believe that this course was definitely the right course for me, for what I loved and what I had a strong interest in pursuing. At times it will be hard, but what isn’t!? Obstacles that you are faced with along the way will only give you the motivation and drive to succeed if it’s something that you really want. Don’t think of the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of applying for uni and just believe in yourself and what you are capable of!

Can you sum up your University of South Wales experience in one sentence?

Three years of my life gone in a flash and what an incredible three years they were!