Guaranteed six-week placement

Autism Clinic - Dr Richard May

Through our Psychology Plus schemeyou will have the unique opportunity to gain clinical experience on campus by taking part in activities at our psychology clinic.

Every student is guaranteed, if they want it during their undergraduate studies, a six-week placement in our Autism Clinic on campus.

The University of South Wales Autism Project offers applied behaviour analytic intervention for children five and under typically with a diagnosis of autism.

The clinic is largely run by student volunteers under the supervision of a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.
There are three levels of undergraduate student placement possible:
Level 1 Clinic Assistant
Become acquainted with Applied Behaviour Analysis and its application in the context of children with autism.

Level 2 Assistant ABA Tutor
Work alongside more experienced ABA therapists, as well as students training at a postgraduate level.

Level 3 ABA Tutor
Will be trained to run client’s programmes, assist case managers in conducting assessments, collating data for report writing, and assisting with the up-keep of client’s folders.

Each level of placement has defined responsibilities, time commitments, and criteria for moving up to the next level. 

Details of the Autism Clinic can be found here.