Meet the lecturer: Emma McGivern

Civil Engineering

Lecturer Emma McGivern, a Chartered Engineer with more than 16 years' experience, explains why Civil Engineering is a great career choice.

Why is Civil Engineering a good career path?
There are so many different opportunities in Civil Engineering. You can work in many different sectors, doing many different types of work. If you are interested in travel, then there are opportunities to work all over the world. Also, you have the satisfaction of actually seeing your projects come to life and make a difference to people.

What have been the highlights?
A lot of my work in recent years has been based around helping developers get planning permission for major mixed-use developments. It is a real buzz to know you have been instrumental in paving the way for a development you really believe in. A highlight for me was realising I had made a significant impact for my client when they requested that I represent them as an Expert Witness at a planning inquiry, because they believed I was the best person to defend the project.

What is the hot topic in the industry that interests you and why?
We are facing some huge engineering challenges at the moment. You only have to look at flooded homes on the news to see this. But the real story is going to be about having enough engineers with the skills to tackle these problems. There are huge opportunities ahead as we try and fill the skills gap caused by the recession.

What advice would you give to prospective Civil Engineering students?
Choose a course which is accredited by the major institutions. USW Civil Engineering courses are accredited by all the major professional bodies, and this will be really important to you in the future when you are seeking professional qualifications, such as Chartered Engineer.