Sarah-Jayne has ambitions to be a national team coach

Sarah-Jayne, Foundation Degree Community Football Coaching and Development

Sarah-Jayne’s continuing journey in partnership with Carlisle United and the University of South Wales has seen her take on coaching responsibilities in a variety of sports.

Having completed the Foundation Degree in Community Football Coaching and Development, Sarah is currently studying towards BSc (Hons) Community Football Coaching and Administration and has a passion to pursue a career in professional coaching.

Last year she was the recipient of The Harry Armstrong Award for her outstanding work towards her degree, as well as this she is a part-time coach at both Cumbria Cricket and Carlisle United Community Trust. Moreover, Sarah’s coaching ability transcends into both sports as she is also an academy coach at Cumbria Football Academy and lead coach for Cumbria County Cricket Club girls U13’s and U15’s.

With a range of sports already on her agenda, Sarah-Jayne credited the programmes work-based learning approach. She explained: “It’s developed me a lot more in terms of being a football coach because that’s what a lot of the learning is from but delivering in schools is more focused on multi-sport and fundamental movement skills so that all correlate to all different sports, it’s prepared me to even go and deliver a hockey session.” 

Moreover, the nature of the degree demands individuals to enter professional workplaces, something Sarah credits to giving her a lot more confidence compared to her old self who wouldn’t want to be pushed out of her comfort zone.

The practical element to the course was something that “stuck out” to Sarah prior to enrolling as work-based learning allows learners to tailor their interests whilst participating and learning on the job.

She said: “I get a lot more out of it, the enjoyment is there because it’s what I enjoy doing but I’m not one to sit down in a classroom all day so in school when you are doing that, your mind wanders on to something else and I’m not focused on what I’m supposed to be doing. If I’m out in a school all-day coaching then I must be switched on all day, I’m enjoying it and I’m learning from other coaches so it’s a lot more enjoyable and beneficial for me.”

With an impressive coaching CV already to her name, Sarah has big aspirations in her coaching career. She explains: “My ultimate goal is to say I coach for a national team whether that’s part of the England coaching set up or the age groups.”