Championing Women in Sport: Georgia Smethurst


This feature is part of our Alumni 'Championing Women In Sport' series, which puts the spotlight on USW graduates who are kicking outdated prejudices about women in sport to the curb. Learn more about these inspirational women: Championing Women In Sport


Georgia studied BSc Sports Development, Coaching and Administration and is now a sports lecturer and coach developer at The Football Association.

How did you find studying at USW?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying with USW, particularly the flexible nature of the course, which allowed me to gain vital experience working within the game at the same time. The combination of academic knowledge and practical experience has really benefitted me in my current role as a Sports Lecturer. Learning to balance academic study and work has continued to be useful as I work towards finishing an MSc in Sports Coaching, whilst continuing with my full-time role.

How can the Sports Industry be more inclusive?

The sports industry has made great strides in the 10 years i've been working in it and inclusivity is increasing faster than ever at the moment. However, I think the sports industry could be made more inclusive by adjusting and adapting what 'roles' look like day-to-day for females working in clubs - particularly high performance. 

Many females have primary carer responsibilities or aspirations to do so, and I believe the sports industry is not yet equipped to consistently provide an adequate work-life-balance, or opportunity, without female coaches potentially making career sacrifices in the way that some male counterparts do not have to do so. 

What advice do you have for aspiring female athletes?

Access as many opportunities as you can, don't be afraid to be the only female in the room and build connections. You can learn from everyone you meet - a critical friend, a colleague and a teammate.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

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