Eldin now works at the Serious Fraud Office

Eldin Zarkic, BSc (Hons) Computer Forensics.jpg

Eldin Zarkic graduated from the BSc (Hons) Computer Forensics and now works at the Serious Fraud Office in London, as a Digital Forensic Investigator.

Why did you decide to study Computer Forensics at USW?
I chose to study this particular course due to its content – there were very few universities offering such a dynamic range of modules. This allowed me to explore a wide range computing skills within the forensics sector, from coding to in-depth analysis – and it didn't disappoint!
The location was also a fantastic pull factor – with such a diverse environment you're able to explore both city and country life within a short distance. There are very few places like it! Connections are also really good, it made visiting family really easy.  
What did you enjoy most about student life?
The people – both students and staff. It made the whole experience enjoyable, with great friends came fantastic nights out! And the lecturers were very supportive. It made a stressful time seem effortless, this meant I could enjoy the city and being a student.

Tell us about your current job at the Serious Fraud Office 
My current role as a Digital Forensic Investigator involves managing myself and personnel in the identification, preservation and analysis of digital data.  It was not just the technical knowledge I gained on my course but rather the professional development offered by the staff that has helped me progress through my short career to date. Gaining skills in report writing and presentations ensured I was able to present myself well through interviews and when working with clients. Of course a lot of the tech stuff helped too though!

What are your next steps?
I am looking to grow into the e-discovery/digital forensic area, while working to build a strong career. I would also possibly be interested in some guest lecturing at times, to share my experiences and inspire others.