Christopher and Gareth run Artificial Insanity Games

Christopher Leyshon and Gareth Jones went to secondary school together and started programming from the age of 12. Chris then went on to study BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development and Gareth BSc (Hons) Computer Science course, both at USW, graduating in 2013. They have since set up Artificial Insanity Games together and recently released Colosseum Clash on Android.

Chris explains more behind the game and their time at USW:

"By the time we were graduating, we'd already discussed working together on small game projects and were starting to formulate ideas.

Soon after graduating, I found work experience at Dojo Arcade which eventually turned into a paid contract for Gareth and I. During this time, we started working on our own projects in our own time and began playing with the idea of forming a team. When development of Dojo Arcade's Creature Battle Lab was under way, we had decided to go ahead with forming a company. By the end of the contract, we had secured enough funding to officially start development. We moved into our office in Porth, released our first game: Spectrum Shift on Google Play, and hired two game artists to the team, Oliver and Sarah.

Colosseum Clash is a cute take on gladiatorial combat. Players must survive increasingly formidable waves of enemies. Leaderboards and social features are in place so you can show off your scores to your friends. It's on Google Play for free and we're currently working on the iOS version.

In addition to a vast improvement in programming skill, our time at USW meant us both learning the importance of project planning. If you try to account for as much as possible early on, you can save a lot of valuable time and effort patching things you missed. This way of thinking has helped us immeasurably.”

You can download Colosseum Clash from the Google Play store