Coding and team challenges have pushed me to perform

Jessica Griffiths - MComp Computer Science

Jessica Griffiths went to Pembroke Comprehensive School before coming to USW to study MComp Computer Science.

"I chose to study Computer Science as I wanted to challenge myself. I had never touched coding before coming to university as it was not an option during my time at school. However, I’d always been interested in it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course so far. Apart from a few modules here and there, it has been very code and computer-science based which is what I liked about the course when applying.

For me, the most valuable aspects have been working in teams. Group work does present some challenges, but once you overcome these and complete the project, you get a great sense of satisfaction.

The highlights have been meeting new people and getting to grips with coding. I always enjoy a challenge and I think that this course has really pushed me to the limit and got the best out of me.

I have also enjoyed volunteering with Technocamps and going into schools to teach computing. I did this as part of my dissertation research and testing.

My favourite project has been the creation of a Julia Set in concurrent and parallel programming. I found this a challenge at first, but once I got it work, it was very interesting.

I would recommend my course for anyone who is interested in computer science and likes to code. Anyone can benefit from doing a computing course as it opens the door for lots of different opportunities within the roles of ICT. Every organisation needs computer literate staff.

My plan after I graduate is to get a job within the industry for either software development or something AI-based with machine automation."