Quality of teaching and access to resources was not compromised due to online learning

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Hamza Arshad is a third year Computer Security student at USW who's studies transitioned online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, he tells us how he was able to successfully complete his final year thanks to endless support from lecturers and remote access to facilities, including our on-campus Cyber labs.

"As a third-year student expecting to graduate, the thought of studying online opposed to physically attending lectures provided a sense of excitement as well as a relief as there wouldn’t be a need to travel, saving me both time and money. Though, there was also the worry that the quality of teaching that would be offered to me and my academic peers would not be as effective.

However, these worries were swiftly subsided upon the first initial lecture, as the level of teaching appeared not to deteriorate but improve. Another fear that lingered was the computing resources that would be required to take part in tutorial, however remote connection to cyber labs were swiftly set up to combat this issue, requiring the most minimalist of Wi-Fi speeds to establish a connection and the process of connecting was not complicated.

In addition to this, there was the fear of not receiving further support for my dissertation as I assumed that lecturers would also struggle to cope with this new medium. Upon making contact to express my concerns, I found it to be the complete opposite, being offered a wide range of methods to communicate to ensure that I can complete my dissertation to the best of my ability.

I want to finish up by thanking all members of the cyber department for their valuable and endless support in assisting me through the pressing times!"

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