Would you like a degree, five years' experience and no student debt?

Siriol Thomas_ Network75, BA _Hons_ Logistics and Supply Chain Management student_ at Cornelius Electronics.

What is Network75?

Network75 is a five-year combined work and study route to a degree. Undergraduates apply their academic knowledge to real life work within a host company.

Work, earn, learn

Placements are available in a variety of degree areas including Engineering, Law and Business. You'll graduate with a degree, five years' work experience and no student debt! 

How does it work?

During term time, you will work for your host company for three days a week, and attend university for the remaining two days. During the holidays, you will work full time at your host company. You will also get a holiday allowance and study leave for revision.

Main benefits

  • Network75 students have their tuition fees paid in full. Students on the scheme can therefore choose to graduate without any student debt

  • Since the year 2000, all Network75 graduates have been offered jobs by their host companies

  • Students are given the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice alongside their degree whilst receiving a minimum of £5,000 bursary each year

  • Opportunities are available in a wide variety of industries within companies of all sizes, from large multi-nationals such as GE Aviation to small enterprises such as Penfro Consultancy Ltd

  • We work closely with the host companies to set up individual training and development plans, tailored to the your individual needs

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