Studying a Masters alongside working helped me gain a Promotion

Rafael Teruel.jpg

MSc Construction Project Management student Rafael was able to gain a promotion at work by studying a Postgraduate degree alongside his studies.


Why did you want to study the MSc alongside working?

By achieving the MSc I would be able to apply for ICE (institution of Civil engineers) Chartered Status, which was a requirement for career progress with my current Employer.

What skills in particular did the MSc help you to develop to progress your career?

Project Management skills, in particular I improved my planning skills by learning new techniques and tools such as Microsoft Project and I also learnt more about the legislation in the UK and the various forms of contract used in the construction industry, namely NEC3, JCT, etc.

How did you manage to balance working and studying at the same time?

This was a challenge that enabled me to put into practise the new management skills I was learning during the lectures. Planning in advance was a key element to successfully complete my studies.

Did you receive support from lecturers?

The lecturers were very open and friendly, supporting me and my colleagues throughout our studies. Their support was even more appreciated during the final stage to prepare the dissertation.

What does getting Chartered status mean to you?

It means commitment to continue developing my professional skills throughout my professional life in order to deliver projects to the highest quality standards.

How will you use your new skills in your promotion as a Project Engineer Manager?

The new skills have provided me confidence to successfully manage construction projects, dealing with a wide variety of stakeholders from different backgrounds.

Do you feel you could have gained a promotion without this additional study?

The chances of gaining a promotion would be much lower without additional learning.

Why did you choose to study at USW?

The campus in Treforest was within reasonable distance between my home and workplace and the MSc was available for part time students.