What do you study on a Criminology degree?

Youths fighting

What do you study on a Criminology degree? Here are some of the topics we've been discussing this term.

Jean Charles de Menezes
We are examining the string of mistakes that led police officers to shoot dead an innocent Brazilian man in London, in July 2005. Eye witness testimony is viewed as key evidence in a crime, but how reliable is it?

Stephen Lawrence
Stephen Lawrence was murdered in a racist attack by a gang of youths in south east London. The police investigation that followed was characterised by a string of failures that saw his killers go free and the Met branded as institutionally racist.

Madeleine McCann
The unsolved case of the British toddler's disappearance in Portugal, 2007, is used to look at how police investigate the case of a missing person. With little concrete information, police must hypothesise about what may have happened. What are the dangers and merits of this?

Jimmy Saville
We are looking at the case of Jimmy Saville, who is alleged to have abused up to 1,000 victims over a 40 year career, to examine how historical crimes are investigated. What happens when the alleged perpetrator is dead and cannot defend his or her self, and how new advances in DNA can help solve a crime years later.

Other topics include:

  • Young People and Weapons Use
  • Riots, Protests and Public Disorder
  • Contemporary Issues in Drug Misuse
  • Prisons, Punishment and Offender Management