Does the media influence our perception of crime?

Crime and media

Daniel, 22, from Huntingdon graduated with first-class Honours in 2013.

What excited me about the degree was studying the philosophical aspects of crime and the contrasting cultural laws that exist in different cultures.

I also enjoyed learning about theories that have real life implications. Learning about memory and the best way to encode information for maximum recall was especially helpful when revising for exams! Equally, learning about stress and relationships has been helpful in understanding my own behaviour and how to adapt it.

Learning about homicide was fascinating. This aspect of crime is always in the media spotlight, as well as in films and television series. It was particularly interesting to me as, more often than not, offenders who commit homicide (especially those of a sexual fantasy nature) have psychological abnormalities.

Modules such as Cultural Criminology, which looked at how the media influences the perception of crime, were challenging and thought provoking. By taking a more radical stance, I began to think of crime in a different way.