Guest lectures with key thinkers put learning in context

Subane Abdi, a final year Criminology student

Subane Abdi, a final year Criminology student, talks about how hearing from guest speakers who share their life experiences has provided an excellent way of seeing how the theories he’s learning in the classroom are applied in the real world.

Along with other Humanities and Social Science students from across the University, Subane was iven the opportunity to hear from leading political figure the RT Hon Peter Hain.

The former Secretary of State for Wales, Northern Ireland, and Leader of the House of Commons, who was MP for Neath from 1991 to 2015, shared some of his experiences and views on confronting the threat posed by terrorist organisation ISIL.

The guest lecture covered the dangers of ISIL ideology, religious divides in the Middle East and future solutions for lasting, just and stable peace

Subane said: "When I heard there was an opportunity to participate in a workshop and attend a guest lecture with Peter Hain, I jumped at the chance! As part of my criminology course we cover terrorism in one of our final year modules ‘The War on Terror’, but his lecture covered many different aspects of such a topical issue from a political and critical viewpoint – which was really insightful. Having the opportunity to attend such guest lectures as part of our studies, really helps to put our learning in context."