Lauren's dissertation explored female offending

Lauren Robson Criminology

Lauren Robson, a graduate of the Criminology and Criminal Justice degree, tells us about her dissertation.

"The second year module ‘Equality and Diversity’ sparked an interest in me and inspired me to focus my attention towards my interest in feminism. I decided to mould my dissertation around the appropriateness of using prison as a response to female offending. My dissertation allowed me to further my knowledge on feminist issues and issues of inequality within the prison system in England and Wales – a particularly interesting issue.

My results concluded that many women offenders whom are responded to with a custodial response have often pre-existing issues which prison can often exacerbate, hence forth creating more problems than preventing re-offending.

I am very grateful to my degree, it has provided with a great outlook for my future. My Criminology degree has shown me what it is that I wish to do in my future and that is to help and care for individuals and groups within society who have struggled with disadvantages and inequalities. I am currently volunteering for organisations that do just this and I am excited for my future."