Module: Professional Development

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The BSc (Hons) Education for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) course has been designed in conjunction with employers who recognise the importance of developing key employability skills (communication, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration).

With this in mind, the Professional Development module will engage students in practical and applied learning through opportunities which will enable you to become a productive and effective member of the global workforce in the 21st century.

Key to your development will be an informed exploration of transformative learning (what we do), knowledge and understanding (what we know) and beliefs (why we act as we do). Understanding what makes an effective teaching and learning strategy will allow students to develop as STEM educators and communicators. Drawing on research and practice, you will apply cutting edge technologies and simulated learning opportunities with a range of external partners to evidence cross-curricular working.

Having developed a range of professional skills, you will undertake a research project in your third year which will allow you to examine a global view of how STEM education is being developed and communicated across the world. This could include a visit to an international setting.

Working with an e'mployer' you will undertake research to identify a mutually beneficial activity or area of enquiry. Undertaking a real world activity will allow you to present your findings to a professional audience and evidence any measurable impact. What better way to demonstrate how YOU can make a difference as a STEM ambassador.