Studying a football degree, obtaining coaching licenses, and working in America was a chance I could not turn down

Kyle Cotter - BSc Football Coaching, Development and Administration.png

Student, Kyle Cotter, talks about his incredible experience coaching in America and his USW experience so far.

"After leaving a collegiate football/soccer scholarship in America at the age of 19 after just one year I wasn’t sure if higher level education was for me. I knew I wanted to experience America more and be involved in football, but I wasn’t sure how to do so. I joined a coaching company and after a few years I realised that to be a part of football in a full time capacity and grow as a coach I had to go back to college and start my formal coaching badges. Then I found the University of South Wales (USW). The opportunity to study a football specific degree, obtain my C certificate and UEFA B licence, and work in America with different clubs was a chance I simply could not turn down.

My experience so far at USW has been nothing but positive. The course allows you to progress through each module at your own pace through pre-recorded lectures and utilise the full support of the USW staff at the click of a button. Each module challenges you to become more of a critical and analytical thinker while expanding your depth of knowledge about the game of football and all the other multifaceted components linked with this course. This course facilitates you to form your own opinions on the game through evidence-based theory and helps open your mind to the complexities of football.

Having the opportunity to put theory into practice through the placement program has been extremely beneficial as you get to practice different coaching methodologies within your club to find your own coaching style and philosophy. Using what you learn each week will not only benefit you on the field but will also help give you the confidence to achieve higher roles within your placement setting such as being a coach mentor, running player clinics, parent education meetings, creating new programs for the club, and director of coaching roles - all of which I’ve been lucky enough to experience this past year. You may also have to opportunity to work and network with some incredibly experienced coaches, former professional players, professional coaches and educators through your placement which can prove to be an invaluable experience."

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