The degree really transformed my life and my career

Since studying with us, Conor Ward is now living in California and has been coaching for Pro Soccer Consulting.

Since the degree, life has changed for me on a personal level now having two young kids and out living in California. The degree and coaching qualifications has given me an opportunity to provide for my family through full time work in football that would have otherwise been very difficult to do. The masters is something I want to pursue, however I just need the timing to be right with current work and family life balance in order to be fully committed. It’s definitely something I am going to revisit once the kids are into school themselves and things are not as hectic.

I have been coaching for Pro Soccer Consulting who are a company based out of the UK who have the most successful player placement in the US of young players into the professional game in the US, Europe, and rest of the world with over 600 success stories to date.

My work with PSC has taken me all over the US & Europe and I work as part of the domestic & International recruitment team alongside coaching duties within our Academy. I have visited Spain, Sweden & Finland in the last 12 months, taking showcase teams to play against professional teams in their respective countries. I get to work with and alongside some top coaches, and this has helped me on my journey as a coach.

I recently became the Head Coach at Irvine Valley College of the men's team following my time as an assistant for three years, and all the hard work and sacrifice paid off. Having the degree made sure I was able to take the job opportunity when it came up, as it is a job requirement when coaching at the collegiate level here in the US.

Completing the degree also allowed me to take on a part-time faculty position within the college too, which means I am teaching in the Kinesiology department.

The degree really transformed my life and my career, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a full time job in football. It opens doors, and you can network throughout your time on the course. I enjoyed every minute of the course, all the lecturers & support staff at the University are there to help you along the way.  It’s really interesting to watch everyone that graduated from the class take the next steps in their careers.