What are the benefits of studying an MSci?

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MSci or BSc?
Our MSci courses offer you the opportunity to combine Bachelors and Masters level studies into one integrated package. Essentially you will study all of the aspects of your chosen forensic BSc course, with an additional fourth year of study. What are the benefits of the MSci course?
Be the best!
Employers are always looking for talented individuals who are able to stand out from the crowd. Our MSci courses will allow you to develop knowledge and practical skills well beyond that usually experienced within BSc courses.

Better employability and career prospects

The fourth year of the MSci course focuses largely on employability giving you the opportunity to obtain enhanced practical and vocational skills in the areas specified on your chosen course (please visit our course pages to see the specialist year four modules for your course).

You will conduct a laboratory-based research project, and work towards a PRINCE2 qualification in Project Management – all essential for the best graduates which will give you a much greater competitive advantage when looking for graduate jobs.

More in-depth knowledge

The MSci gives you the opportunity to study more advanced modules allowing you to build up a stronger specialism to go into employment.

Funding in the bag
If you choose to study the BSc and then decide to go onto a Masters course, you will need to apply for funding again. With the integrated MSci course, you apply for four years of funding up front meaning your funding is secured for the following four years, and you shouldn’t need to reapply.