I spent a month in the Inner Hebrides for my mapping project

Inner Hebrides Geology Degree

Billy Drury from Middlesbrough, graduated with first-class Honours from the BSc (Hons) Geology and was awarded the Certificate of Excellence. He now works as Assistant Engineering Geologist at ESG UK.



Why Geology?

I love the hands-on applied nature of geology. It's all about implementing the theory you learn to interpret data out in the field or back in the lab. It is also a very broad subject that leads to many unique career paths. USW’s Geology degree caught my eye as it is one of the most applied earth science courses in the country – this was key for me as I wanted to learn and develop practical skills I would use in my future career. 


Amazing field trips

I spent a month in the Inner Hebrides for my individual mapping project. The wide range of practical skills I learned as a result, such as carrying out geophysical surveys and seismic interpretation, were the most valuable parts of the course.

I also travelled to Iceland and Sicily during my second and third years for my volcanology and field skills modules. We also visited Pembrokeshire, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall, and attended conferences in London and at the British Geological Survey headquarters in Nottingham. 



My dissertation was an in-depth, quantitative study of geological structure within the pre-Cambrian rocks of The Isle of Raasay, Inner Hebrides. I used data that I collected from brittle and ductile structures in the field to estimate crustal shortening and to unravel the long tectonic history of the island. 

I would advise anyone interested in a geology/earth science related career to consider this course. The small class sizes are a huge bonus - you can make excellent relationships with your classmates and with the lecturers. 

Plus, not only is the course dedicated to teaching industry-applicable skills, it will also give you in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of geology. You'll also find that the lecturers in the department are extremely easy to interact with and will offer all the support you need."