Rocks are brilliant - who wouldn’t want to study them?!

Rebecca in the final year of the Geology degree. 

"I have a longstanding interest in geology and the natural world. With a passion for the outdoors and a climber, my travels have been dominated by the best outcrops.


"I chose USW because of the small family feel, they really want you to succeed and offer excellent teaching. I had made poor choices after my A Levels and followed the wrong career path. After spending a decade working various jobs to fund as much travelling as possible. I knew it was time to pursue my dream career. I am so pleased that I made the brave decision to return to education at University of South Wales.

"The geology course has been brilliant, the time has flown by and I have learnt an exceptional amount. There is a great mix of practical fieldwork, lectures, labs and computer modelling. As somebody who is not particularly fond of exams, the emphasis on coursework is a bonus.

Love Geology

"The topic is so diverse it is sometimes hard to explain what is Geology! From the history of the earth and how is it formed and why do the plates move, get created and then eaten back up to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, groundwater storage and flow. Then there’s mineral exploration, palaeontology and stratigraphy.

"The teaching is outstanding. I am taught by knowledgeable, published staff who are experts in their field. Regular seminars are held at the University from guest speakers from all aspects of the profession. Plus, a new addition is the access to industry software Petrel, taught by former employees of Shell, only a handful of Universities offer this to undergraduates.


"The highlights have to be Mapping the South Wales Coast project between the second and third years, visiting Iceland for our Volcanology module, which was just unbelievable, and conducting and organising my own research on the Island of Skomer in Pembrokeshire for my dissertation.

The Mapping project has been my favourite project, you can hone all of your skills that you have developed throughout the degree and apply them, from stratigraphic logs, mineral percentages, analysing thin sections to measuring up and plotting faults. Creating an actual map and report from your own data is very rewarding.

"I would definitely recommend this geology course to anybody with a passion for Geology or somebody wanting a career in Geological Sciences. The skills learnt by doing a science degree lend themselves to an extensive range of jobs, so you are not tied to a particular career path.

"Also, rocks are brilliant who wouldn’t want to study them?!"