I was offered a job in the second year of the course!

Student hands on laptop

Paul Beasley from Bridgend is a residential support worker at Stepping Stones residential care in Cardiff. He was offered the job in the second year of the Health and Social Care Management degree.

About my job

came to Stepping Stones on my first placement of the course and enjoyed it so much, I decided to do my second placement here. They obviously liked me too because they offered me a job!

I am working here part time whilst studying, and will join as a full time member of staff when I graduate.

My role is to help young people make positive changes in their lives by supporting them to make informed choices as and promote their independence for when they leave care

I really enjoy seeing the work and effort I put in have a positive influence on the young people, it's a great feeling.

About the course

I chose the Health and Social Care Management degree as I saw the potential to develop myself as a health and social care practitioner and hopefully one day, a health and social care manager.

The course overview seemed to offer a wide variety of modules which I knew would be of a benefit to my career plans.

I honestly love the course, the lecturers are great and the learning material is all useful and interesting. The campus is welcoming and it’s a great learning environment.

The opportunity of placements should be taken very seriously as, like me, you could easily get a job out of it.

It’s your chance to show your passion, dedication and hard work to the placement employer.

My career ambition is to be a manager of a health and social care setting and play a major role in helping people change their lives for the better, that's why I'm doing the health and social care management course.

Alongside my degree, I am hoping to complete my QCFs with Stepping Stones, so I am excited about what the future could hold.