Study piracy and privacy to gaming content

Grand Theft Auto

In the Professional Practice in Computing module we will be considering employability in the computing industry.

We will examine the the kind of careers that you can potentially embark upon having completed your course and the areas that you will need to focus on in order to get your ideal job.

We’ll develop professional skills such as report writing, presenting and communicating, as well as finding and evaluating different sources of evidence that allow us to understand relevant issues in greater depth.

We will also start thinking about how legal and ethical issues affect the computing industry.

Topics that we’ll discuss will include:

  • Privacy − What rights do individuals have when they give their personal information to companies? Do government agencies have the right to access any of this information?
  • Video game content − What kind of content is acceptable within games? When 18 certificates are applied to games, does this absolve games developers of any responsibilities with regards to material in the game when they know that children are still likely to be playing these games?
  • Intellectual property − How do we protect the work of innovators, without stifling further creativity?
  • Piracy − Are existing laws fit for purpose when new technology creates unanticipated situations?
  • Long term future − As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, what are the implications for humanity in the way that we interact with computers and technology?


Image shows a window display advertising Grand Theft Auto IV. The popular and controversial video game by Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. celebrates the sordid side of urban culture. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)