Blair now works as a Technical Support Specialist at LexisNexis

Blair Price, BSc (Hons) Information Communication Technology

Blair Price studied the BSc (Hons) Information Communication Technology and now works at LexisNexis in Cardiff, as a Technical Support Specialist.

The Information Communication Technology course is very varied so there’s something for everyone. Personally, I didn’t want to specialise in a certain area of computing, so I believe this was the best course for me and catered for my needs.

“Having attended various Open Days, I found this to be not only the course that best suited me, but it was also based on a campus that I felt comfortable in. The Pontypridd Campus is close to home, which was ideal as I didn’t want to move away.

“At the time of studying, I was unsure what career I wanted to pursue. However, I believed this course would better my chances of employment, as it is a subject required in almost all walks of life. The working world is becoming more reliant on ICT every day and practically any job will require some level of computing skill. Some of our coursework required us to work in a team, which also improved our ability to work with others.”

“At college, you hear rumours that university involves working on your own and doing everything yourself. To some extent this is true. However, I found that if I was finding part of the course difficult, there were lecturers who were willing to assist and give up their time to help you in any way they could. Also, as there was only a small number of people on the course we all became close friends.

“Overall, I enjoyed becoming more independent with my work but still having teaching staff available if needed, either in person or via email. If I needed to work during a break, there was always a computer available with the software I needed. I also regularly used the library, which I found invaluable.”

“Coming to university gave me independence, more freedom for my work and helped me not to rely on my parents (as much!) Overall, a rewarding experience that helped me create a positive future!"

About my job

"I'm currently working at a company in Cardiff Bay called LexisNexis, as a Technical Support Specialist and I love the work. I began working there at the end of October and getting the job was made much easier, having the advantage of my IT degree. A lot of people I work with also came from the University of South Wales.

"A normal day for me consists of desktop support (internal and external), server patching and the setting up of accounts – just to name a few of the tasks! Days are very busy but it's ok when i enjoy work as much as I do! The commute is approximately 45 minutes but is worthwhile, especially come payday. My degree has definitely helped as I make use of my Cisco module almost daily."