Hayley spent a one-year paid internship at ING Wholesale Banking in London

Hayley Clark - Information Technology Management for Business.

Hayley Clark, from Colchester, went to Philip Morant School and College before coming to USW to study Information Technology Management for Business.

Hayley recently completed one-year paid internship at ING Wholesale Banking in London where she worked as an Information Security Intern. Located in the City of London, at the heart of the UK's financial district, ING Wholesale Banking are a leading international corporate bank which offer a wide range of banking and financial services to businesses.

"I wanted to do a placement as it would give me the opportunity to put in to practice certain elements of my course and see how they work in industry. I thought it would be exciting to work in London for such a big employer as ING too.

The work I did was split between three different areas - Security Monitoring, Risk Documentation and Vulnerability Management. I notably spent a lot of time on risk documentation and obtaining approvals from various stakeholders. 

I enjoyed everything about my placement. I had a great team to work in (as well as some amazing fellow interns) and a lot of support from and opportunities to network with from people from different business areas. 

It was hugely beneficial to my career, as well as my studies. I increased my knowledge of Information Security; it was beneficial to see how an organisation of this size protects itself against various threats. 

My Excel skills also improved no end – a lot of my work involved Excel so I became proficient and confident in using it. What’s more, working on security monitoring really honed my analytical and investigative skills.

Having this knowledge of information security controls and management will be a huge boost for my career, because information security is a key consideration for all businesses, whatever sector they are in.

I feel a lot more motivated returning to University for my final year. The placement has really improved my confidence as well as my time management skills. It has also given me the basis for my final year project."