USW's online teaching made me feel as if I were attending lectures in person

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Kyle Hammond is a second year student studying BSc (Hons) Information Communication Technology. With exam season fast approaching and a sudden change to online learning, Kyle was unsure about how the academic year would end. Here, he tells us how his lecturers were able to quickly adapt and support himself and his peers, providing a realistic and effective virtual learning environment.

"At the start of the Covid-19 outbreak in the United Kingdom, everything was hectic as many University students were leaving campus and going back home with little knowledge on what would await us in terms of University lectures and work. However, even with this stressful state taking over the world, the ICT course team responded in a supportive and effective way. Without this support, I feel many students would have felt overwhelmed, but as instructions and guidance were given so swiftly and concisely no disruptive issues occurred.

Online tutorials alongside email guidance from lecturers made the online coursework and exam revision experience much easier and more accessible. These resources made me feel as if I were actually attending lectures in person. Formats such as lecture recordings played a part in my organisation because I was able to structure my studying plans as I pleased. This flexible schedule was satisfying as I had the freedom to do work when I felt most comfortable. The stressful environment that COVID-19 brought about was made more manageable by lecturers and especially by the course leader.

With exam season approaching, I was at first unsure how this situation would be handled. The lecturers were quick to let us know about the updated exam schedule and what measures would be necessary to take. To some extent, there was a sense ease taking the exams in my house because I was placed in a more relaxed environment than a typical exam room which can be intimidating. Furthermore, the allowance of 24 hours for our exams helped alleviate the pressure from the exams while also giving me time to deal with responsibilities during COVID-19.

With 3rd year approaching this September, I am fully confident in USW’s abilities to provide a supportive, informative, and worthwhile learning experience and environment."

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