Great preparation for all aspects of the industry

Edward William Smith, BSc (Hons) Lighting Design and Technology.jpeg

Edward William Smith is studying the BSc (Hons) Lighting Design and Technology at the University of South Wales. He tells us more about why he chose this course and his trip to the Robe factory in the Czech Republic earlier this year.

“After researching online, I found the University of South Wales BSc (Hons) Lighting Design Technology course. I had been looking at various courses across the UK, however the emphasis of this one was slightly different. It has a very successful balance of content that covers all relevant aspects of the industry.

“Other similar courses were either almost entirely science-based, all practical-based or all artistically based and most had too much sound content. I feel the curriculum offered at the University of South Wales and the enthusiasm of the staff are key. Also, the course is focused on the outcome, which is getting students ready for work in all aspects of the industry. The opportunity to attend a trip to the Robe factory is an excellent example of this.

“Visiting the Robe factory allowed me to meet important figures in the industry (not just Robe executives but also a significant client). It gave a glimpse inside an incredible lighting company. Getting these industry connections is just as important as the course content itself and there were plenty of opportunities for conversing and exchanging of business cards. For me, this was an amazing opportunity and an invaluable experience, as I am very keen to get into sales, development or support for a lighting company such as Robe.

“We also got the opportunity to tour the factory, which has an incredibly efficient manufacturing process, where almost all parts are made on site. Their commitment to the manufacture of high quality products was clear, as well as their focus on the whole customer experience. This is what makes the company highly regarded for their innovation and excellent product quality.

“After the tour, we were taken to the demo room. It was very impressive and exciting to see a light show with all the latest products in the industry. It included a theatrical show at the beginning, demonstrating how both LED and moving light products can be used very effectively in a theatre environment. The second part was a light show programmed to music, demonstrating the functions and uses of all the products together. After this we were given an in-depth talk on each of the new products, which was very interesting.”