I'm working with artists like Ja Rule and Skindred

Timothy Brook from Aberystwyth graduated from the BSc (Hons) Live Event Technology in 2010.

As Head of Lighting for Dreamedia Events in Darwin, Australia, Tim works on the largest music festivals in the country, with artists like Killswitch Engage, Ja Rule and Skindred.

Describe what you do
Design from the ground up, then operate!

What do you enjoy most about it?
The buzz and enjoyment of pulling off a great show.

Why is it a good job or profession?
I have worked all round the UK and Europe, Caribbean, America, Morocco, Beirut, Egypt, Middle East and Australia. 

Biggest achievements so far?
Working with the best professionals in the industry and amazing artists. The highlights include:

What influenced you to do the Live Event Technology course?
I had played music from childhood, and then got involved in school productions. These two things attracted me to the course.

How has the qualification helped you in your career? 
The Live Event Technology degree demonstrates to industry that you have a level of knowledge and skill, and is also good for networking.  

What were the most valuable aspects of the course?
The live event course gives you experience of lighting, sound, rigging, video and health and safety, all of which are vital to the real world.