Work placement has given me that extra edge

Gary Snoad Procurement

Gary Snoad is a BA (Hons) Logistics and Supply Chain Management student and is currently on a sandwich year working at Cardiff City Council.

On placement

My placement has been an invaluable experience. I’ve gained an abundance of practical knowledge and hands-on experience. I have always been a tactile learner and this work placement has given me that extra edge that cannot be taught in the classroom.

Whilst working within the Commissioning and Procurement team at the City of Cardiff Council, I’ve assisted in managing competitive tendering exercises to purchase goods, works and services, as wells as identifying new ways to provide better value for the residents of Cardiff, whilst abiding by the Public Contract Rules & Regulations.

The course

The best thing about this course is the level of variety on offer. This course doesn’t just limit you to one particular route; it will teach you the foundations of Supply Chain, Logistics, Operations Management, Project Management, Retail Management and Procurement which can set you on the path for a number of future career paths.

My first two years at USW set me up well for my placement. The modules and tutors not only teach you fundamentals of procurement, but also allowed me to understand the high-level strategic discussions that take place around the tendering process, and in-depth knowledge of regulations in place.  This gave me the confidence to go into my placement and be an instrumental part of the team and participate actively in the projects I’ve been involved in.

The future

I’ve really enjoyed university and working and as a result I feel like my skillset has multiplied greatly which has resulted in my options broadening. Hopefully my final year results will reflect the development I have made. Career wise, I would be more than happy to stay within a Procurement, Contract Management or Project Management role, whether that be at the City of Cardiff Council or elsewhere.