Leah Lewis had an incredible 10 week placement at GoCompare

Business and Management courses at USW have employability at their core, with students undertaking 10-week placements during their second year of study. 

BSc (Hons) Marketing Management student, Leah Lewis, had the opportunity to work at GoCompare through the GoFurther academy which she found to be extremely beneficial and insightful. We caught up with her after completing her internship to see how she enjoyed the experience.

Leah said: “I’ve always been interested in business because of the multiple avenues connected to it, but throughout college and my first year in university, marketing stood out to me as a subject because of the creativeness and interesting theories around it.

As a part of our second-year university course, we had to apply for relevant work experience with a competitive choice of 80 businesses. After reading the marketing executive internship description for GoCompare, I was immediately sold and had my heart set on a placement within the GoFurther Academy. I elatedly and successfully secured myself a position here!”

Throughout the 10-weeks, Leah had the opportunity to work on various projects which gave her an insight into different aspects of business and marketing including consumer relationship marketing, design and content marketing, communications, media and insights and public relations.

“For two of the ten weeks, I engaged in design and content marketing with my colleagues Becca, Sophie and Amy. I thought of and created a new insurance product - ‘Travel Insurance for Trips to the Moon’. I thoroughly enjoyed developing this product through creating an SEO brief and guide page, developing my own creative brief and implementing it when designing two emails for the insurance product, and creating campaigns for social media, billboards and radio. It was incredible to see my ideas and visions come to life!

I never thought that in 10 short weeks I would have so much experience to take away for my future studies and career. I have extremely enjoyed my time at GoCompare and will miss the fresh and authentic working environment and friendly, welcoming team-mates.”

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