Chloe is already progressing in her career after graduating from the marketing degree.

Chloe Buckley Marketing Student

Originally enrolling in business management, Chloe discovered her passion for marketing while exploring a related module. "After my marketing module, I realized I loved this subject as it really interested and excited me, so I decided to specialise in marketing management instead."

Chloe had the opportunity to study diverse aspects of marketing and she believes it has paid off. "I have enjoyed learning about all different aspects of marketing. The course covered a range of areas such as PR, digital marketing and fundamentals of marketing, allowing me to gain a wide knowledge of the subject."

Through her participation in the Network75 scheme, she had the chance to apply her newly acquired knowledge in a practical environment, through a placement earned via the scheme. Reflecting on this experience, Chloe said, "I really recommend having some sort of placement as it allowed me to link and learn how to put knowledge into practice. It's also really helped me develop my own confidence."

This placement saw Chloe evolve from a marketing assistant to a marketing executive role, and she attributes her career progress to her USW experience. "This course has already helped me to begin progressing, as I originally started as a marketing assistant and recently gained a new role of marketing executive. The knowledge that I have gained and the confidence I have built has really helped me gain a new role and take on more responsibilities."

Looking forward, Chloe intends to keep scaling up in the marketing industry. Her advice to future students is simple: “Just go for it. You never know until you try and might just be missing out on the best thing that could happen to you."