"Working in the field will look great on my CV."

Holly-Rose Jenkins - Marketing

Holly, a Marketing student at USW, discovered a perfect blend of her love for creativity and strategic thinking, in marketing. She chose the university specifically for the Network 75 scheme, which she described as, "gaining 5 years of experience while I get qualified," certain it would set her on a promising career path.

As a Network 75 student, Holly made the most of a three-day-a-week placement. This hands-on experience not only gave her a chance to put her learning into practice but also built a strong reputation with her placement company. She hopes it will transition into a Marketing Executive role after her graduation. Her belief is firm, "working in the field for 5 years will look great on my CV, which will help me stand out amongst other candidates."

The Marketing Management course fuelled Holly's creative side and honed her strategic thinking skills, contributing significantly to her proficiency in content and email marketing. As she puts it, "A lot of the learning on this course ensures that you think about the reasons behind what you’re doing, which has really improved my strategic thinking skills."

Course leader Lauren Thomas's engaging digital marketing lectures were a highlight for Holly. She particularly enjoyed the psychological aspect of marketing, fascinated by how brand perception can be altered, and sales encouraged through a range of tactics. " She is great at making her lectures really easy to understand, while being visually engaging and teaching the topic thoroughly."

She also found the Canva design tool extremely useful, noting its versatility and relevance to employability skills. She advised future students to try it out, stating, "I would advise that you sign up to Canva and create some graphics and assets as practice. It's a great tool for designing interesting presentations, posters, social media ads and more."

Overall, Holly emphasises the importance of balance in the university experience. For her, it's vital to enjoy the journey while also being diligent with assignments. “Have fun while putting time aside to work on assignments. Enjoy your time at university as you may miss it when you graduate!"