Applying for a Maths degree?

Student hands on laptop

Connor Costello, 18, is in the first term of his Maths degree at USW.

"I studied Maths, Further Maths and Physics at A level. 

I loved the challenge of Further Maths and this is what led me to apply for a Maths degree.

I approached my personal statement by looking at the maths courses I was interested in and demonstrating how I was suitable. My Maths teacher also gave me lots of advice on what to include.

I spent a lot of time in making sure I came across honestly and well, and got several teachers to read my personal statement and give me their feedback.

When it came to the interview, I did lots of preparation.

My Head of Sixth Form helped me to come up with up a list of questions I might be asked and how I could answer them. I also used the internet to research typical interview questions.

Finally I looked at the University’s website and listed what else I wanted to know about the course and the Uni.

For me, the interview was a chance to find out what I needed to know - I didn’t want to start the course and find out I didn’t like it!

I’m really enjoying University so far.

The course is interesting and the other students are very easy to get along with. It’s different to school. It is all down to you to motivate yourself and do the work; there is no-one forcing you to do it, but we're all working hard,

I’m looking forward to the next three years in University."