You get incredible support during your Maths degree

Abigail_Peters Bsc Maths

Abigail Peters from Cardiff studied Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Product Design at the Bishop of Llandaff School before coming to USW to study a Maths degree.

"I have always had a natural flair for Maths. My sister is the same – she’s currently studying her PhD at USW. She had such a great time doing her undergraduate degree here and I was inspired by her experience.

"Lots of people think that a Maths degree is just a route to becoming a teacher, but there are so many different options. At the moment, I am not sure what I want to do when I finish my degree, I am just enjoying finding out more about a subject that I love.

Constant support

"The really great aspect of this University is the support you get. I don’t ever feel that I can’t go to my lecturers, either during or outside lectures, and I am not scared to ask for help.

"The lecturers check up on you and make sure you are okay, and I find this comforting especially with our subject.

Small class sizes

"With Maths, I have always found that if you can’t do something in the first section, you will struggle later on as it’s like a building block, so you often need that one-to-one support.

"The classes I am enjoying the most are Calculus and Algebra. I like the challenge they present! I never used to enjoy Proof, but as I have begun to learn more about it, and understand how it links to everything, I have started to really get into it.

Easy to make friends

"Making a whole new set of friends at University is always your first fear but it’s so easy to make friends here.

"It helps that the class sizes are smaller, so you are a name and a person, not one in a crowd of a hundred."