I switched Universities to study Maths here

Charlotte Bartram_ BSc Maths

Charlotte Bartram took Maths, Physics and Drama A-Levels at Ysgol Cwm Rhymni before coming to USW to study Maths.

"I transferred to the University of South Wales from another bigger university, which was vast and soulless. I came to USW and it’s a completely different environment - the lecturers are so accessible and friendly, the class sizes are smaller and it’s very easy to make friends.

In many ways, studying Maths here is a lot like being in school. You don’t sit in a big lecture theatre and get talked at. Our classes are an interactive experience in which you can pitch in and ask questions. It means that if there’s something you’re not sure of then you can just ask instead of sitting there, not understanding and feeling out of your depth.

The leap from doing Maths at school to studying it at University is nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be. Half of the subjects I had studied at A-Level so it’s just a case of going over them; the other half are brand new subjects, but we’re introduced to them gradually. When you do A-Level Maths you think: how much further does this go? But it goes way beyond anything you can imagine in school, and it’s so interesting.

I have really enjoyed the new subjects I have been introduced to this term, such as Algorithms, Matrices and Python programming. When I started, I thought that maybe go into teaching, but I have enjoyed this first year so much that I’m now thinking maybe I will do a Masters, even a PhD, let’s see how far I can with my Maths. I’m really into it!"