I'm so glad I came to USW to study Maths

Geraint Niblett, BSc Mathematics

Geraint Niblett took A-Level Maths, Physics, PE and the Welsh Baccalaureate at Llanishen High School before coming to USW to study Maths.

"I’ve always been decent at Maths so when it came to choosing which course to study at University, I thought I would choose the subject I enjoyed and found easy.

To me, Maths is a simpler subject than most. There’s always an answer and a pattern. My first term at USW has been hard but fun.

The workload has been quite intense but you expect that! I have really enjoyed my classes in Calculus and also Algorithms where we’ve been learning abut programming.

It’s really great at USW. I am glad I came here rather than a bigger University, like Cardiff. I’m in a class with twenty or so other students, rather than being one of 150 students sitting in an auditorium where you can’t hear anything! 

I have found the open door policy here particularly good, especially as a first year student. If you have any questions you can go and see your lecturer - you don’t have to book an appointment. Knowing they are there to help if you’re stuck or have any concerns is very reassuring."