From Maths degree to PhD

Liam Harris achieved his PhD after progressing from the Maths degree

Liam Harris from Gloucestershire studied a BSc (Hons) Maths degree at USW before continuing on to do a PhD.

"I love mathematics, it has always been my best and favourite subject and I honestly could not live without it.

"My area of maths is called combinatorics; essentially, it is the area of mathematics concerned with counting.

About my PhD

"My PhD looked at the solutions to various chess problems, on various types of “board”. I focused on the bishop piece and the problems of independence and of domination.

"I have always loved Combinatorics, ever since I studied it in the second year of my maths degree.

"Chess problems have fascinated me for a long time too and this PhD was a chance to continue working on similar problems to those I looked at in my undergrad dissertation.

"It may seem a bit pointless to some but mathematics is always a source of surprising connections and it is not difficult to relate real world counting problems to (seemingly) abstract ones.

Fantastic support here

"The mathematics department at USW is fantastic; they are very passionate about teaching as well as research and have always made me feel welcome. So, when I completed my maths degree here I knew I had to stay to do a PhD.

"I do not think you can get through a PhD without wanting to quit at least once! You continue to learn so much during a PhD you are constantly challenged - its stressful but exhilarating and rewarding.

Life changing

"I have had excellent support from my supervisors both of whom have mentored and guided me throughout the process.

"Achieving my PhD will make such a difference to my life, personally and professionally. For my career, the PhD is vital; it will mean I can now get my dream job as an academic/lecturer in mathematics."