My favourite case

Francesca Saleh, Medical Sciences student

Francesca Saleh, from Portsmouth, is studying the Medical Sciences program at USW.

"Case-based learning (CBL) uses scenarios that are discussed and analysed in groups which allows everyone to come to a final diagnosis and decision on how to progress further in the case. The scenarios mimic experiences that are seen in health care, and so the anatomy, physiology and pathology learnt throughout the case is in an applied manner to real-life situations rather than from a textbook.

This has allowed me to learn anatomy and physiology in a clinical setting, giving me a solid foundation for my knowledge and a better understanding of the information.

I have really enjoyed learning through CBL as the cases have been tailored in a way to enhance our knowledge on the human body, whilst keeping us engaged and interested throughout.

My favourite case physiologically was the Pulmonary case because the lungs have more crucial roles for the human body to function normally than I initially thought, and this fascinated me.

My favourite case clinically was the Cardiac case because we learnt how to correctly place ECG leads and how to interpret and diagnose normal and irregular ECG patterns, and this gave me a real insight into medicine.

Learning more about the cases in each lecture and how they help reach the result of each scenario is unique and has helped me understand how to deal with similar situations in the medical field."