Studying Midwifery has shown me my resilience

Emily Hartrey is studing Midwifery at USW.

Emily Hartrey is studing Midwifery at USW.

"Before applying for Midwifery, I had completed a Biology degree and a human development module had really sparked my interest in childbirth.

My application

Although I didn't have any experience in hospital or care settings, I had enjoyed working with people in my previous jobs, and saw Midwifery as the chance to combine the science of pregnancy and childbirth with the opportunity to support women and their families.

I was passionate about both these aspects and tried to show this in my personal statement and during the interview.

Being accepted on to the course was such a surprise! I thought I needed more work experience, more knowledge and have read a million more books to get onto the course, but the lecturers obviously saw my passion, commitment and people skills.

It didn't take long to bond with the other students, and this strong sense of belonging combined with the support of my lecturers gave me the confidence to take on my first placement.

Clinical placements

I've had placements in four health boards and learnt from some fantastic midwives. I have been on the edge of my comfort zone more times than I care to remember but have learnt so much from it, and from always asking questions.

The practitioners I've worked with have been great at helping me gain new experiences, from supporting a woman birthing in a rural area of Powys to running into theatre with an emergency on labour ward.

With good days and not-so-good days, this course has shown me my resilience and made me grateful for the girls I'm studying alongside.

Being in my third year with Graduation and Registration looming, I've got a lot more work to do but caring for women and their families at this important time of their lives makes it all worthwhile."