Travel and wildlife

Photographer and wildlife conservationist Beth Priday is a final year Natural History student at USW. 

"I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places both with my course and on my own. Just this summer I was in Madagascar for three months completing my dissertation research on the beautiful coral reefs off a tiny island called Nosy Komba.

At the same time as completing this research I was volunteering on a marine conservation programme where I got to scuba dive every day and see some amazing creatures such as whales and dolphins. It’s trips like this that really fuel my passion for conservation and communicating the natural world with todays society through photography and film."

This puffin photo was taken on Skomer Island on our trip to Pembrokeshire in the first year. Visiting this island, along with seeing the huge biodiversity of seabirds here, was the highlight of the trip for many!

Whale tail
This was taken on a whale watching boat trip off the southern Spanish coast line on our Mediterranean Ecology field trip in Spain. This is a sperm whale tail fluke, one of the many whale species we saw on the trip!

A White Beaked dolphin breaching off the southern Iceland coastline on a cetacean watching boat trip. It was a special moment to see this pod of dolphins playing as little as 20 metres away from the boat! This field trip was to study the geology of Iceland.

Northern Lights
We were lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis from our hot tubs in Iceland on our third year field trip. This was definitely the highlight of the trip for me as this light display is simply stunning!

Gannets in flight 
Gannets are diving seabirds that we watched from the boat in Iceland on our cetacean watching trip.

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