I had no idea nursing could be so varied

Dominic - adult nursing degree

Dominic is on the adult nursing degree at USW.

"I was working in a call centre when I went to USW’s Open Day with my girlfriend who was applying for nursing. Listening to the talks and seeing the facilities, I thought: I could do this.

"The timing was perfect: I wasn’t enjoying my job and was looking for something more meaningful, as well as a good career, with opportunities to progress.

Call centre gave me transferable skills

"Although I had no care experience, I had lots of skills that could be transferred to nursing.

"Working in a call centre had taught me good communication skills, how to calmly deal with problems and people who are upset or angry.

"My first degree was in music and I teach drumming, so I am used to mixing with a variety of people as well as good at explaining things.

"I was worried I’d be the only bloke on my nursing course but there turned out to be quite a few men, which has been great.

"In practice, male patients really appreciate seeing a male nurse.

Great career with opportunities to progress

"Before I started my nursing degree, I had no idea nursing could be so varied. I wish this was more widely known as I think more people would consider nursing it as a profession.

"There are so many opportunities to work in different areas, with different age groups / conditions and in various settings. How many jobs can offer this?

"I’ve just finished a placement with a practice nurse in a GP surgery and the previous placement was with the district nursing team – I loved both.

NHS is amazing

"You have days that are stressful, but then a patient or their family thanks you, with genuine sincerity, and you realise how worthwhile it is and that you have made a difference.

"The NHS is an amazing place to work, there is so much good that goes on.

"Seeing it from the inside, and being a part of it, you appreciate how everyone from the cleaners right up to the consultants want the same thing.

"Everyone works as a team, it’s just incredible."