What it’s like to study on campus since lockdown

Adult Nursing students Aston and Linda talk about what it’s like to be on campus following the introduction of social distancing measures.

Both students started their courses during lockdown but have settled in well and are enjoying university life.

Aston Nicholls

“It was well-received by the cohort when the University told us we were able to come onto campus. Everybody had been itching to get onto site. We visited before for an Open Day and therefore, knew what to expect. So, on the first day, there were no awkward introductions. We already felt like we knew each other from doing live lectures. We knew the lecturers and our fellow students, so it was a good day.

I felt safe being on campus. There are social distancing measures in place with one-way systems, the use of PPE, hand gel and we spread out during lunchtimes. We had to download an app to say we were on campus, in case of an emergency. So, there are no safety concerns.

Being in smaller groups has been great because classes are more intimate. The measurements haven't hindered our learning. If anything, sessions are more detailed, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to go over things. You can still catch up with other classmates during break times. Overall, the experience has been positive.

Sticking to social distancing hasn’t been a challenge. We are so used to doing it now in our day-to-day life. If you do go out, you keep your distance, so it has been easy.”

Linda Sullivan

“We joined USW at a strange time. When you start a course, you have ideas about what it will be like. Virtual learning was something new to all of us. After a few weeks, we got used to it. When we came onto campus, it was exciting to be able to meet our class in person.

Everything at the university is well-organised, which is why I feel safe there. Sticking to the guidelines is just the world we live in now. We are aware that they are in place to keep us safe. Everything is marked out, which makes the rules easy to follow.

We have adjusted to this new normality now, knowing we have to social distance. I don’t think, as a group, social distancing has held us back when getting to know each other. So far, it's been good.”