My placement with the school nurse

Savannah Harvey_Child Nursing

"My last placement was with a school nurse in Caerphilly. Before going on placement, I had no idea what a school nurse did so I was looking forward to this new experience.

During my time with the school nurse, I completed many different activities which included completing LAC (Looked After Children) assessments, doing screenings, attending a palliative care meeting, performing immunisations, CAMHS (child and mental health service), running an enuresis clinic (bedwetting clinic), attending an eating disorder conference and going to assessments that decide whether or not a child stays on the child protection register.

My mentor was always happy to answer questions and made sure I had every opportunity to learn new skills and expand my knowledge. I feel that I am now capable of promoting good health and adapting well to any situation I am placed in.

Before going on this placement, I had decided that I wanted to become a paediatric palliative care nurse. However, this experience opened my eyes to the many opportunities that community nursing offers, so I would now like to carry out a role within the community before moving into a palliative care nurse role."

Savannah Harvey
BN (Hons) Nursing (Child Health)