I feel so happy and supported here

Nadine, child nursing student

"I first realised that working with children was the path I wanted to pursue while I was employed at a children’s therapy centre. The experience allowed me to learn and appreciate the various services involved with the development of children, and I soon felt motivated to start a career in this field.

I started with a Diploma in Childcare and Education with the initial desire to become a hospital play specialist. This led to my time as a teaching assistant. An opportunity then arose for the position of a nanny in Abu Dhabi which provided the chance to work with a child from a different culture. After returning from the UAE, I finished the Access to Health course whilst applying to study Children’s Nursing at the University of South Wales.

This year, I have been fortunate to have experienced fantastic learning opportunities, particularly on the Children’s Ward. On my very first morning I was scrubbed up and observing a tonsillectomy! I was given so many opportunities to observe and carry out small procedures and I even got to spend a day in A & E.

To study at University of South Wales is a privilege. Before coming here, I’d heard such positive things about the University, particularly for those who had studied nursing. I feel so happy and supported here."

Nadine Egal
BN (Hons) Nursing (Child Health)