Child Nursing Student of the Year 2018

Our annual nursing and midwifery student awards recognise the students that have demonstrated the skills and qualities that mark them out as exceptional nurses or midwives of the future. 

Here are the students that were shortlisted for Child Nursing Student of the Year.

Emily Reardon - winner
Emily was nominated by the academic team. At the end of the second year, Emily was involved in a serious car accident. She fought back to be able to walk again, despite extensive injuries to her legs and pelvis. Determined that it wouldn’t affect her course, Emily made up nearly all the time and work missed. Her tutor said: This has taken amazing courage and determination. She is an exceptional student who is motivated and dedicated to becoming a qualified children’s nurse.

Nadine Egal
Nadine was nominated by her mentor who was impressed by her excellent critical thinking and clinical skills, as well as her positive attitude and eagerness to learn.
They said: Nadine provided considered, individualised patient care. She showed great empathy while being patient and gentle and was committed to advocating for her patients’ needs and rights.

Chloe Boundford
Chloe was nominated her mentor who said it was a pleasure to encounter a student with a genuine interest for health promotion and the complex role of the health visitor. Her mentor said: Chloe was an outstanding student with an interest in the social determinants of health and how these could impact upon parents. She had a very positive attitude and showed a mature approach to all families.

Bryony Whitehead
Bryony was nominated by two mentors who praised her professional, dedicated and compassionate nature. One mentor said: She was always willing to go above and beyond her duty. Bryony has had wonderful feedback from parents of the babies on the unit and has a wonderful rapport with them. Many parents have commented on how well she cared for their infants and how helpful she is.

Keaton James
Keaton was nominated by both his personal tutor and mentor. During one of his ward placements he was involved in a very difficult and traumatic admission to the children’s ward which resulted in several fatalities. His mentor said: I gave Keaton the choice and he nursed the family with me. He has been amazing, professional and compassionate, I cannot fault his care. His tutor added: He is a very dedicated student who is committed and caring. I have no doubt that he will be a credit to the profession.

Natasha Dowling
Natasha was nominated by her mentor who called her a confident student who is professional in her manner. She said: Natasha has very good communication skills with children and families which clearly is an excellent skill as she progresses towards her goal of becoming a child health nurse.