Inside our Clinical Simulation Centre

Nursing and midwifery training takes place in our impressive health facilities. Our Clinical Simulation Centre replicates clinical environments for education and training. These include two, four-bedded bays to simulate a hospital setting, dedicated paediatric and maternity facilities, including a special care baby unit, an intensive care environment and an emergency department with a fully equipped ambulance simulator.

The Centre is used for healthcare education and training, dealing with everything from essential clinical skills to complex, multidisciplinary clinical scenarios. You’ll use the same equipment you will find in healthcare settings, and work on patient simulators that mimic the body’s reactions to illness, care and treatment.

Part of the Centre is dedicated to teaching midwifery and childcare skills. We have advanced birthing and maternal simulators that imitate various stages of pregnancy and related scenarios, including birth, and breech presentations.

You can tour the Clinical Simulation Centre on an Open Day and find them on Facebook.