Living in Halls as a student nurse

Bethan Jones - LD Nursing student

Bethan Jones, 20, is a final year student on the Learning Disability nursing degree.

About me
I come from a small rural town in Mid Wales. Coming to university was my first experience of being away from home and living independently, and I have absolutely loved it!

Why did you decide to live in Halls?
Because of the demand, I was unable to get a place in the hospital accommodation, so my options were to look for a private rental or apply for Halls of Residence. I chose Halls because I wanted the security of living on campus – an important factor when I’m on shift and returning late at night.

How easy was it to get a place in Halls?
Getting a place in Halls was straightforward. I completed an online application for my preferred type of accommodation and was allocated a place in a shared flat. It was great fun but could be noisy at times. For my final year, I applied for a one-bedroomed studio flat. The flat is lovely and has everything I need. It’s much quieter, which allows me to get on with my studies and has beautiful views of valley below, which makes me feel quite at home.

What’s it like?
It’s really easy. Campus is safe and secure. The accommodation staff are really helpful, any problems are sorted out promptly. There are no hidden costs as everything is included in your termly payment. It is easy to get over to the Glyntaff campus (where I study), as there is a regular free shuttle bus. There is also a small shop, launderette, restaurant, bar, gym and other services on campus.

Best aspects?

  • It’s safe and secure
  • Free shuttle bus service to Glyntaff Campus and back
  • Everything you could need on campus e.g. nightclub, gym, small shop
  • I am able to claim my mileage for placements as my distance to placement is always further than my distance to university
  • No hidden costs – may seem like you are paying out more but everything is included
  • If something goes wrong, the accommodation team are on site 24/7 to sort it out

Not-so-good aspects?

  • Can sometimes be noisy

My advice
I would definitely recommend living on campus. It gives you the opportunity to meet people outside of your course, you can get involved in sports groups and social activities on campus and you’re close to the Glyntaff campus with transport provided.

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