It will give me more options when I leave University

Ross - Psychology with Counselling student

Ross is studying BSc (Hons) Psychology with Counselling.

"I choose Psychology with Counselling because I wanted to be a counsellor and knew USW had a good reputation in Counselling. 

I felt that having a base in Psychology would enhance my understanding of the human mind and behaviour. 

I also felt that having a slightly broader degree (than a purely counselling one) would allow for more options when I left university. 

Such a good combination

The degree is such a good combination. There have been many times when what I have learnt in psychology can be applied to the counselling aspect as well as the counselling helping with the psychology.

My favourite module was the Introduction to Therapeutic Principles. I enjoyed learning about the history and the structure of different approaches to counselling.

It was well planned with an excellent lecture first, followed by a workshop where you put what you have learnt into practice.


Favourite lessons


One of my favourite pieces of work was the presentation for Therapeutic Principles. Although presenting can be daunting, lots of support was available not only from my lecturer but fellow students as well.

It was great to have the chance of presenting work as opposed to writing an essay or report, and was good preparation for the third year when we get the chance to present at British Psychological Conferences.

The teaching here is excellent. The staff make the lectures fun, interesting and interactive, and go out of their way to support students whether it is just a chat about how things are going or setting up workshops for students to come along to. 


Value added opportunities

USW is a very social place. There are plenty of events and a chance to get involved in lots of different things.

  • In the second and third year we can set up our own placements with support from staff. This allows us to learn valuable skills and make links with prospective employers. 
  • We also have the opportunity to become part of the British Psychological Society. This means we can attend or help with events, showcase our work at conferences and be at the forefront of psychological research. 
  • There’s also the Psychology Plus scheme.  This lets students take short courses to enhance their knowledge and skillset to add to their CV.